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Northwest Insulation Co., Inc
Safety Policy

Safety is of primary importance in our operation. Each of us has the responsibility to make the safety of ourselves and our co-workers a basic concern. This objective is fundamental to our well being, as well as to the efficient operation of our business. With few exceptions every safety rule or practice has evolved from experience and knowledge gained over many years in how to prevent accidents and injuries. We feel every employee has the responsibility to prevent accidents and injuries by observing established working rules, by following the directions of supervisors, by practicing the safety rules of NORTHWEST INSULATION CO., INC. and by providing ideas on how our safety efforts might be furthered strengthened. NORTHWEST INSULATION CO., INC. management recognizes its responsibility to provide healthful and safe working conditions, safe working rules based upon experience and safety knowledge and competent work direction. NORTHWEST INSULATION CO., INC. and its employees have the responsibility to comply with all federal, state and local regulation related to safety and health programs. Employees working for NORTHWEST INSULATION CO., INC. shall be required to comply with health and safety laws and to adopt the safety practices for NORTHWEST INSULATION CO., INC..





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